Car/Engine Vocabulary

1.) VIN: Vehicle Identification Number.

2.) Consecutive: Following one another in uninterrupted succession or order.

3.) Compression: (In internal-combustion engines) The reduction in volume and increase of pressure of the air or combustible mixture in the cylinder prior to ignition, produced by the motion of the piston toward the cylinder head after intake.

4.) Horsepower: A foot-pound-second unit of power, equivalent to 550 foot-pounds per second, or 745.7 watts.

5.) Transmission: A compact, enclosed unit of gears or the like for this purpose, as in an automobile.

6.) Surpassed: To go beyond in amount, extent, or degree; be greater than; exceed.

7.) Commemorate: To make honorable mention of.

8.) Turbocharger:  To equip (an internal-combustion engine) with a turbocharger.

9.) Cylinder: (In an engine) a cylindrical chamber in which the pressure of a gas or liquid moves a sliding piston.

10.) Aerodynamic: The branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases and with the effects of such motion on bodies in the medium.

302 Mustang Motor, labeled.


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